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Thanksgiving is a kind of celebration that is observed to bond the families together. In America, it is important to celebrate it to let the children be aware of this holiday and let the kids also celebrate it when they grew up even without their parents beside them. So the trend continues from generation to generation. Here are some Thanksgiving activities parents and children usually observed on this occasion.

 A teddy bear hunt. Buy a cute bear and hide it somewhere within the celebration area. Then give the participants instructions that when the game begin, they will start searching for the teddy bear inside the room and whoever finds the teddy bear will receive a gift.

 Recite a poem. There are lots of poems familiar to the kids and you can choose two poems that the kids can recite altogether on Thanksgiving day.

 Egg relay activity. A kind of game that will develop kids alertness. The children will form two lines. Each contestant will relay the egg by transferring it to another spoon and whoever finish first without breaking and falling the egg wins.

 Clay activity. In this activity the kids imagination will be developed. Tell them to express out through a figure the first thing that will come in their mind.

 Enjoy cooking. Prepare all the possible ingredients needed. Let them do all the tasks in the cooking preparations and let them cook it but with your assistance. They will enjoy eating their own cooked meals.

 Surprise Gifts. To make the game funnier, the children will buy a weird gift and they will give to the one they get from the random pick numbers. The organizer may start it then the receiver will give her gift to the one she picks, and it will go on until everyone else received their funny gifts.

 A drawing game. Tell the children to draw anything they may want to draw and let them describe it in front of the people around them on Thanksgiving day.

 Hide and seek game. Kids can also play during Thanksgiving day. Let them hide from each other and whoever will be found first by the organizer will look for the rest of the kids.

 Reaching out activity. Teach the children how to help other people and makes them feel the sympathy for others. Visit an orphanage and let the children give gifts to less fortunate kids too.

 A Thankful line. Children should be taught how to say thank you. In the activity, all the kids will form a single file and each one will say their appreciation to their parents and express their gratitude.

With so many activities choose appropriately the type of activities that will fit for your kids age bracket and prepare ahead of time all the possible things you will need in the event including the materials, the venue, the participants and the prices too. Make sure that the kids will really enjoy when they are participating in the Thanksgiving activities.

Nowadays, when technology seems to be one of the few things that can get kids really excited, focused and entertained, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for parents and teachers to get kids interested in learning.

Kids should be taught from an early age that there is more to life than electronic entertainment so they acquire not only academic knowledge and skills, but also develop practical and social skills, and independence.

One of the best ways to get children interested in learning is to make the process more fun, and move away from the traditional classroom and textbook format of teaching. This, obviously, puts more pressure on teachers, and requires much more creativity so brainstorming and idea exchange meetings should be encouraged in the staff room at school even if they just take the form of brief lunch time catch ups once or twice a week.

A balance should be struck between traditional and experimental forms of teaching as you do have to abide by a syllabus, and the aim is for children to get interested in traditional learning too. With a bit of time, energy and shedloads of enthusiasm, you could be facing a classroom of keen young learners who'll go on to become very successful later in life!

Both kids and teachers love spending time outdoors instead of cooped up in the classroom all day. Subjects such as art, physical education, science, and music can easily be taught outdoors. School yards should be used more often!

On site learning is also very effective. School trips to science and natural history museums, working farms, factories or businesses can show kids the wider world, and teach them to appreciate what they have and how the real world works. Remember, some children might otherwise not have access to these venues so to them it's a special treat. If you are seen as the 'fun teacher', this will increase kids' willingness to study the subject you teach.

Science is a great subject to teach in unusual and hands-on ways. Maths can also be taught in a very practical manner. Generally, kids will understand theories and concepts better and faster if they are demonstrated to them with the help of objects and experiments.

Some of the best science teaching resources are now available online. Downloadable lesson plans and experiment guidelines provide teachers with all the information needed to teach a class. For example, you and your class could be learning how electricity works by creating a fruit battery, or you could be learning about sustainable energy by building a solar cooker. Applying theory to practical experiences is an excellent way to get kids fascinated about the world, how it came about, and keen on learning more.
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